15th and 16th November 2017, Brussels, Belgium


Michaela Ahlberg


Michaela Ahlberg
Former Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer TeliaSonera

Michaela Ahlberg holds a LLM and has worked as Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at the Swedish telecom operator, Telia Company (formerly TeliaSonera) since September 1st, 2013. Her task has been to establish an Ethics & Compliance office, implement an Anti Bribery-Corruption “ABC” program and to support the company in a period of media and prosecutor attention on alleged corruption. She has since then built a team of 17 E&C Officers and 7 E&C liaisons, including a Special Investigations office, introduced and implemented an anti-bribery corruption compliance program to match the highest standards of effectiveness and adequacy. During 2014-2017, she has together with the Telia Company legal team negotiated for a DPA with the DOJ/SEC in the US and the Dutch and Swedish prosecutors, where her focus has been the Telia Company remedial efforts and ABC program.

Michaela has some thirty years of international experience working as a legal and general counsel in both privately held and publically traded companies but during the past ten years, her focus has been entirely on Ethics & Compliance

Before joining Telia Company, she worked as Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at Volvo Cars mainly focusing on their rapid expansion in China.

Michaela also spent 5 years with Nokia Siemens Networks, whereof 3,5 years based in Dubai, UAE as head of legal & compliance for Middle East and Africa and 1,5 years based in Dallas as head of legal & compliance for North America.

Michaela was shortlisted for “Women in Compliance of the year 2017 award, CECO EMEA category” and lectures frequently in topics of ethics, compliance and corporate responsibility

Michaela currently lives in Stockholm and is busy writing a book on “Responsible Business – how to take words into action”.

Below is brief introduction on what she is going to present:
A view that compliance is only about “legal compliance” is a notion that I do not subscribe to. Without awareness of ethics and ethical blindness it will not be possible to take compliance outside of the compliance department nor achieve actual change in the organisation. The ethics&compliance team are often compared to a “layer of assurance” – I will not deny that controls and defence layers are important for the governance of the company but, in my view, this is not he main purpose….