BERRY Professionals invites you to the 2nd Annual Human-Centred Operational Excellence Global Summit

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
15th  & 16th March 2018


Sigrid Destoop

Sigrid Destoop, BARCO
Continuous Improvement Specialist

Sigrid has 9 years of experience with continuous improvement in general and lean management in particular. Her CI journey started at Volvo Trucks in Oostakker, where she introduced the company’s lean culture in an office-only environment.

Since summer 2017 she works as a Continuous Improvement Coach for Barco, a world leader in visual solutions for entertainment, industrial and medical environments. In their headquarters in Kortrijk, the One Campus, she supports teams of industrial workers in defining and improving their way of working, closely connected to Barco’s mission: Enabling Bright Outcomes.

Both as a leader and as a non-hierarchical coach she has been involved in anything from defining improvement strategies to leading hands-on kaizen activities. She has developed and given lean training for both office and industrial workers.

Engagement is a key when it comes to continuous improvement so her focus is on the people, more than on the tools or techniques. Also leaders need support in their changing role so she provides coaching for them as well as their teams.

Coaching people in their job and seeing them develop themselves gives Sigrid energy. At Barco they make sure that continuous improvement is anchored in their daily work and they believe that their co-workers are major contributors to their customers’ success.