1. How to register for our events?
You can click on any of our events and register directly online using online payment .

2. If you wish to pay via bank transfer you need first to send us the registration form signed which is the last page of agenda and request proforma invoice. Our finance department will issue you proforma invoice.

3. Can I use the early bird discount after one day of deadline?
Early bird discounts and promotion discounts are ONLY accepted respecting the deadlines given.?

4. What is the difference between Delegate fee and Solution provider fee?
Delegate fee is for NON-Vendor and Non consultancy company representatives coming for networking, benchmarking and learning from each other. The delegates fee is not accepted for solution providers and consultancy firms.

The reason is that we do not want to make our events Vendor driven so that the delegates can enjoy comfortable friendly atmosphere on board in the event. There are only limited seats available for solution providers.

Solution provider? Any solution provider company or consultancy company providing services related to the topic of conference is considered Vendor. As our events are NOT vendor driven, we allow only limited vendors to attend the events.

5. What is the process for sending visa invitation and hotel reservation?
After completing your registration process and paying for the event, we will send you the invitation for visa and a link for hotel reservation.

6. What is VAT and who needs to pay VAT?  

VAT is European Union Tax.  Everybody coming from EU countries have to pay VAT and it is reclaimable.  If your company is out of European Union, you will not pay VAT.